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"I ordered Christmas gifts for both my grandparents and parents and they were both very happy to receive their items before the holiday even though I ordered them quite late (the 17th of December). The gifts arrived in very protective packaging and this was nice because the items were fragile of course. Overall, I highly recommend PPO to other potential customers."

"My sister was very pleased with the pottery gifts and said that it arrived very carefully packaged. I was pleased to know that it arrived before Christmas... Some companies that I shopped online and paid extra shipping charges to be delivered before Christmas, failed to deliver, although I was charged anyway." 

"I purchased two pieces for Christmas gifts. Both recipients were delighted. Customer service was excellent as well as prompt shipping. "

"This is great stuff. I expect to hand this down to my children as their great grandmother was Polish and will make a great heirloom piece. The other items are a Christmas gift for my wife. "

"In a last ditch effort to finish my holiday shopping I had noted that my wife mentioned the desire to add a new piece of Polish pottery to her infant collection. I remembered her wish the Monday before Christmas and proceeded to find out that Polish pottery was not available through any retail outlet in the metro area where I reside. A quick google search lead me to a host of on-line companies but which one should I choose? I decided to send out an e-mail to each and cross my fingers. The first and only one that responded was The Polish Pottery Online Company. As promised the delivery was received the next day and much to my wife's delight on Christmas morning. "

"The products I received were exactly as advertised. Now the real question will be whether my wife likes her new baking dishes when she gets them this Christmas. She wanted a new rectangular baker and it was my idea to give polish pottery a try. After doing research about polish pottery I decided I wanted to get pottery made at Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec. This is the pottery that Polish Pottery Online sells. Once again I was very pleased with my purchasing experience with Polish Pottery Online and, as long as my wife likes her gifts, I will do business with them again in the future.  "



Polish Pottery Stoneware - Casual dinnerware handmade in Boleslawiec, Poland.



Snowman Dinnerware - decorate your holiday table with our collection of Snowman Dinnerware dishes. Choose from 2 of our snowman patterns, each piece is decorated by hand and safe for use in microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Our Snowman dinnerware sets make a distinctive, festive presentation for any holiday party and yet they are ideal for casual dining. Durable stoneware that performs as well as it looks, this casual Christmas Snowman dinnerware will add dimension to your holiday dishes.
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Candle Holder Snowman 6"
Candle Holder SnowMan
Candle Holder SnowMan
Candle Holder SnowMan
Candle Holder Snowman 6" P7549A UNIKAT

Candle Holder SnowMan Flowering Peacock

Candle Holder SnowMan 58

Candle Holder SnowMan 910



Glazed pottery or stoneware pots and pans were used in cooking daily food in many cultures across the world. Polish Pottery -  Stoneware dinnerware handcrafted and hand Decorated in Boleslawiec, in the South-West region of Poland. Stoneware is the most ideal cookware, as food prepared in these dishes retains its natural flavor. It can go from the oven to the table and then to the refrigerator or freezer. If you love handcrafted pottery and stoneware, we're sure you'll enjoy viewing the selection of casual dinnerware products we're offering. There are several factories in Boleslawiec that manufacture this beautiful pottery. Please click the links to browse our pottery ceramics or our Pottery bestsellers. Our Stoneware Pottery collection has a little bit of everything. Our handmade stoneware pottery, as sturdy as it is beautiful, comes in the variety of forms and patterns. Among many pieces of ceramics we offer are casual stoneware dinnerware sets, soup bowls, dinner plates, cereal bowls, ceramic spoon rests, ice cream bowls, bakers, coffee cups and large coffee mugs, large teapots, serving trays, Christmas pottery, serving and mixing bowls and soup tureens. We carry many stunning Polish pottery patterns including classic Peacock, Americana (stars and stripes) and Unikat. Large ceramic teapots, ice cream bowls and ceramic water pitchers are handcrafted into meaningful gifts that will last generations. This genuine stoneware is immensely practical and festive enough for entertaining as well as everyday use. A winning combination of function and beauty makes Polish ceramics pottery a striking addition to any stoneware dinnerware collection! We hope you will enjoy our beautiful handmade pottery items.

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