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A beautiful Polish Pottery dinnerware brings versatility to your table. Accent stoneware bowls can be used for hors d'oeuvres or desserts. Shown here in Renaissance Pattern - currently not available.
Size: 7"w x 6"l x 2"h

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Polish Pottery is superb quality stoneware.
Oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Lead and Cadmium free paints and glazes. Resists chips and breakage. Individually handmade and hand painted.
Classic Patterns  Price:          $16.95
Upper Classic Pattern Price:  $17.95 (+$1.00)
Subtle Patterns  Price:           $23.95 (+$7.00)

Classic Patterns - Nature, Kaleidoscope, Peacock, Stars & Stripes, Stars, Evergreen, Country Meadow, Lattice
Upper Classic Pattern - Emerald Lily
Subtle Patterns - Renaissance, Festive Garden, Grapes
Limited Line Pattern - Royal Flower

Serving Bowl
Double, Small


Polish Pottery Stoneware Bowls & Containers - Small Double Bowl

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Polish Pottery - Old Time Stoneware dinnerware handmade in Boleslawiec, Poland. If you love old time handcrafted pottery and stoneware, we're sure you'll enjoy viewing the selection of dinnerware products we're offering. Please click the above links to browse our store. Our collectable stoneware pottery, as sturdy as it is beautiful, comes in the variety of forms and patterns. We offer casual stoneware dinnerware sets, breakfast bowls, lunch bowls, bakers, coffee cups and mugs, teapots, serving trays, cookie jars and containers. We carry 13 stunning patterns including classic Peacock, Americana (stars and stripes) and stars. This genuine polish stoneware is immensely practical and festive enough for entertaining as well as everyday use. A winning combination of function and beauty makes Boleslawiec Polish Pottery a striking addition to any stoneware dinnerware collection!

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